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Metro cop’s life-saving actions ‘only reason’ 17-year-old didn’t die

July 22, 2015

Officer Matthew Cammarn, a Metro Nashville police officer is being hailed a hero Tuesday after saving a teenager’s life. He said a bullet entered the young man’s upper thigh and went through the other side. “So I put the quick clot bandage around, trying to get both holes,” he explained. “Got the tourniquet out around his thigh and cranked it down.” In a letter of commendation, Captain John Narramore with the Nashville Fire Department said, “It was the opinion of all medical personnel involved that Officer Cammarn’s quick action and proper procedure was the only reason we had a patient rather a fatality.”

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A Better Way to Stop Bleeding: QuikClot Combat Gauze Gives Providers Fast Flexibility

July 01, 2015

…For prehospital providers, it’s a leap forward in the treatment of junctional wounds and other injuries not suited to tourniquets and pressure. Mark Escott, MD, FACEP, medical director for the local Montgomery County Hospital District EMS became a fan as a tactical physician. “It became apparent to me,” he says, “that this was a product that was effective, and for which we had no real alternative currently on our ambulances. We thought it was time to roll it out to mainstream EMS.”

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Contributions to SPD save life of shooting victim

May 21, 2015

Shreveport Police show gratitude to a young lady, Kellie Abbott of Blue Forever Inc, whose continuing efforts to supply patrol officers with lifesaving tools, by way of QuikClot Belt Trauma Kits, played a major role in saving the life of a teenage shooting victim last week.

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Boy Scout Saves a Life After Tanker Truck Explosion

April 17, 2015

Thanks to the actions of Turner Lagpacan, a trained EMT, a man's life was saved last Friday. “I was able to pack that wound with full combat gauze, and in the words of his vascular surgeon, that’s probably what saved his leg and his life.” 

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QuikClot Combat Gauze® Announces 5 Year Shelf Life

February 04, 2015

Z-Medica®, LLC, a leading developer and marketer of hemostatic devices, announces today that the sterility expiration date on its QuikClot Combat Gauze® products including QuikClot Combat Gauze, QuikClot Combat Gauze XL, QuikClot Combat Gauze TraumaPad, and QuikClot Combat Gauze LE is now five years.

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